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General Terms and Conditions (GTC) as of 09/07/2012

These conditions apply only to customers in the Netherlands. If you would like delivery to another country, follow this link to get to the correct shop with the corresponding sales conditions.

Table of contents

1 Supplier and Scope

The web shop supermagnete.nl is operated by:

Webcraft GmbH
Industriepark 206
78244 Gottmadingen
USt-IdNr. (VAT Reg.No.): NL823261670B01

The authorised representatives are:

  • Matthias Ackermann
  • Reto Heygel

The business relationship between Webcraft GmbH and the purchaser is governed by national law and, in addition, the version of Webcraft GmbH General Terms and Conditions (GTC) that are in effect at the time of purchase. Webcraft GmbH will not accept any deviations of the purchaser from the General Terms and Conditions unless they have approved them in writing.

2 Completion of the Contract

Once you have entered an online order with supermagnete.nl and have clicked the "Order with duty of payment" button, you have entered into a binding agreement to purchase the items in your shopping cart. We will confirm your order and its contents immediately via e-mail, and the contract of sale will be complete.

3 Prices and Shipping Costs

All shop prices include the statutory Dutch VAT of 21%. Businesses are eligible for tax free intracommunity deliveries if a valid VAT Reg.No. is indicated at the time of the order.

The minimum order requirement is EUR 15,00. For orders below this amount we will add a small quantity surcharge of EUR 7,00 (or the difference to the minimum order value).

The insured package will be sent from Germany. The delivery in the Netherlands is carried out by PostNL / Selectvracht or DHL. The cost of shipping is EUR 6,50. (For custom-made orders or large quantities different shipping and handling charges may be negotiated.)

4 Payment Terms, Conditional Sale

During completion of your order, you will have the opportunity to choose your method of payment. Webcraft GmbH will normally deliver your order only after payment has been received. In the case of delivery against an invoice, the net invoice amount is payable within 30 days with no deductions.

If we deliver your ordered items prior to payment, the delivered items remain the property of Webcraft GmbH until full payment is made.

5 Delivery and Risks

Shipments will be sent on our risk, registered and insured via DHL (with the Deutsche Post). We retain the right to choose other shipment services, as necessary.

The customer must bear all risks of loss or damage to the goods from the time they have been delivered.

6 Use of Delivered Goods

Neodymium magnets are not intended for use in or export to the USA, Canada or Japan. You are strictly prohibited from directly or indirectly exporting the neodymium magnets that you received from us or the end products that you produced from those magnets to the countries mentioned above.

Ferrite magnets and ferrite products, however, can be exported worldwide without restrictions.

7 Delivery delays

Delivery delays that happen during the transport by mail are outside of our sphere of influence and we can therefore not be held liable for it.

Shop articles

All articles that you ordered in our online shop are in stock and can be shipped without delay. If an article is temporarily not in stock, you cannot put it in your cart in the online shop.

Delays with shop articles can therefore only occur due to waiting time for an incoming pre-payment. Depending on your mode of payment, it can take several days until we receive your payment in our account. The ordered articles remain reserved for you during this waiting period and will be shipped within one business day after receipt of payment. You can reduce the waiting time if you send us proof of payment (via fax or e-mail) or if you choose a quicker mode of payment, e.g. credit card.

Custom-made orders

Our offer will include the approximate production time we will need for the manufacture of your custom order. As a general rule, we will arrange for shipment within this time limit.

If the shipment of your magnets is delayed by more than 7 days, we will grant you a price reduction according to the following list:

Delay Price reduction
1-7 days-
8-14 days10%
15-21 days15%
over 21 days20%

If delivery is delayed for more than 21 days, you have the right to cancel your purchase at no cost to you. Other claims for compensation due to delayed delivery are excluded.

Large quantities

Quotations for large quantities indicate an approximate delivery date that can be expected with an immediate order. However, the quoted quantities are not reserved for you at the time of quotation. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that this delivery date is still valid by the time you accept our offer. Only after you accept our offer, we can give you an order confirmation with a definite delivery date. If we cannot keep this delivery date and there is a delay of more than seven days, you can withdraw from our contract without penalty. Further claims for damages due to delayed delivery are not valid.

8 Warranty

Warranty is conform with statutory regulations.

Webcraft GmbH guarantees the functional efficiency of delivered magnets. Products which are damaged during use cannot be returned or exchanged. This includes:

a) for neodymium magnets:

  • Flaking and wear of the surface coating:
    The surface coating of the magnets can flake or chip during improper use, especially when magnets are allowed to collide. Furthermore, it's possible that a thin layer of coating may be worn away due to constant handling.
  • Breaking of the magnets:
    Neodymium magnets can break if dropped to the floor or if two magnets collide. Broken magnets are not covered by the Warranty and can therefore not be replaced.
  • Loss of magnetism due to high temperatures:
    All of our neodymium magnets are - unless otherwise mentioned - heat-resistant up to 80 degrees Celsius. If the magnets are exposed to higher temperatures, they lose a portion of their magnetism.

b) for ferrite magnets:

  • Fine cracks and jagged edges:
    Ferrite magnets can have fine cracks in the surface and jagged edges. This is a product feature due to its production method (sintering) and not a product flaw.
  • Loss of magnetism due to high temperatures:
    All our ferrite magnets are heat resistant up to a temperature of 250 Grad Celsius. When exposed to higher temperatures they lose part of their magnetisation.
  • Demagnetisation by neodymium magnets:
    Strong neodymium magnets can demagnetise or reverse the polarity of ferrite magnets. Those two magnet types have to be stored or transported at a distance of at least 3 cm from each other.

The statute of limitations is 24 months and begins at the delivery of your order.

The transfer of warranty claims to third parties is excluded.

9 Exceptions to the Guarantee

Any further material or legal guarantees, with the exception of those mentioned in 8, are expressly excluded.

10 Return Policy

If you are a private customer in the Netherlands, the following right of withdrawal applies:

You may revoke your contractual agreement without having to provide a reason for doing so within 7 days in writing (e.g. by letter, fax, e-mail) or by returning the delivery in full, unless the merchandise is legally excluded from being returned (e.g. custom orders). The time limit begins upon receipt of this instruction. Your right is ensured if your written revocation and/or the return of the goods takes place during the time limit.

Returns should be addressed to:

E-mail: support@supermagnete.nl
Fax: +49 7731 939 839 9

Please enter your name and the Order Number that you would like to cancel.

After you have successfully cancelled your order, please send the products back to the following address:

Webcraft GmbH
Industriepark 206
78244 Gottmadingen

We are not responsible for postage on returned items.

Please use our original packing material to return magnets. If this is not possible, please ensure that you pack the magnets securely in a strong container that is at least as large as the original. Place the magnets in the middle of the packing material, as far as possible from the sides of the box.

In the case of a valid cancellation, the customer is responsible for the cost of returning the merchandise and the vendor is responsible for refunding the purchase price. You will receive a refund after we have received the returned products. When returning items, please be sure to include your bank details. Postage costs for returned goods are at your expense.

11 Liability

Webcraft GmbH takes no responsibility for damage and injuries caused by improper or careless use of its magnets. By completing your purchase of our magnets, you are confirming that you have read and understand the following warnings. Each shipment will contain a warning sheet that contains the same information.

12 Data Retention

Please be aware that any data required in the handling of your order will be processed and saved in an electronic information system. Personal data will, of course, be handled confidentially. Our service partners, who need the transmission of data for order handling, are excluded.

If you are paying with a credit card, your personal information will be sent directly and securely to Saferpay. They handle the payment and process the transaction. Saferpay guarantees that the data will be used only for completion of this purchase. Webcraft GmbH will not receive any information about your card.

During the order process, session cookies will be used. Once you close your browser, they will be erased.

13 Final Clause

The Dutch law applies, excluding the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

supermagnete.nl - Matthias Ackermann and Reto Heygel

Webcraft GmbH
Industriepark 206
78244 Gottmadingen

Tel. +49 7731 939 839 2
Fax +49 7731 939 839 9